University Speaker Series

Change and Continuity at the Centennial

The University Speaker Series was designed to improve the intellectual climate of Georgia State University while creating a culture of increased communication and dialogue. As we enter GSU’s Centennial, we will capture talks and conversations under the theme of “Change and Continuity at the Centennial” focusing on various topics related to democratic societies, race and racism, gender and sexism, class and capitalism, the environment, information and technology, and the future of public research institutions.

The 2012 University Speaker Series

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Video: Edward Seidel

Edward Seidel is the assistant director for mathematics and physical sciences at the National Science Foundation.
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Video: Michael Crow

The 16th president of Arizona State University, discussed his vision of a new strategic model for the American research institution.
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Video: Paul Courant

Paul Courant, university librarian and dean of libraries at the University of Michigan. Courant is a prolific scholar in economics and public policy.