GSU Students on Broad Street in Atlanta

Goal 4

Be a leader in understanding the complex challenges of cities and developing effective solutions.

In appreciation of the relationship between Georgia State and Atlanta we will be a leading university engaged in the study of, and the development and implementation of, solutions to complex challenges faced by cities and their regions today and as they transition to the megacities of the future. To accomplish this we will connect the talent and resources of the university with individuals and resources in public and private agencies, governments, and local community organizations. Additionally, as part of the university’s engagement with Atlanta, we will expand our contributions to the economic and cultural development of the city and of Georgia.

INITIATIVE 1: Form the Georgia State University Council for the Progress of Cities (CPC).

The CPC will be a confederation of researchers and campus entities to support collaboration with academic, governmental, corporate, nonprofit, community organization, and foundation partners. The purpose of the CPC will be to provide evidence-based solutions that demonstrate the potential to become nationally recognized “best practices” for selected challenges based on the current strengths of the university and identified needs of urban areas such as Atlanta. The CPC will support three categories of Center Fellows: (1) Research Scholar-in-Residence from noted national and international academic institutions, (2) Professional-in-Residence from among governmental and private foundations, NGOs, and corporate partners, and (3) Student Research Fellows who will participate in research teams and/or engage in city-focused internships. As the CPC develops, it will work in conjunction with the International Consortium of City-based Universities (noted in Goal No. 5) to engage in joint research with international partners focused on current shared city-based problems and in comparative research projects such as the growing phenomenon of cities transitioning into megacities. The CPC will also provide an interdisciplinary structure for the historical, anthropological and archaeological study of our home city of Atlanta. A focus of study would be Atlanta’s unique standing as the historical anchor of the Civil Rights movement and as the international capital of the South.

INITIATIVE 2: Highlight the arts and media.

The arts and media are vital to the quality of all major cities. Georgia State houses Atlanta’s largest and most influential schools of music and art and design, as well as thriving programs in film and creative writing. The Center for Collaborative and International Arts cultivates unique programming, and the Rialto Center for the Arts is highly regarded for the quality of its diverse series. Our Laboratory for Digital Arts and Entertainment has incubated global businesses while collaborating with industry partners to stimulate growth in media production. Our initiative in emerging media promises to shape media studies that cross boundaries in the arts and media. To elevate our leadership in the creative arts to a new level of visibility so that we become known nationally for our distinctiveness and excellence, Georgia State will form a College of Fine Arts that will highlight the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design, the School of Music and the Center for Collaborative and International Arts. As we build this school we will increase the competitiveness of our recruitment, enhance student interaction with renowned artists and expand our community partnerships. We will seek performance, exhibition and screening venues and promote our programs to increase our reach and our audience.