Multiracial Hands Making a Circle

Round 1 Comparative Urban Research Grants

The Partnership Initiative Grants support faculty interested in developing or further developing a comparative research partnership with faculty from our sister institutions in Hong Kong and South Africa. The primary goal of this initiative is to build internationally recognized scholarly strength by comparing understandings of urban context, policies and challenges in three different national environments.


Digital Champions Fellowship

As outlined in Goal 3 of our strategic plan, the university remains committed to developing enterprising ways to continue building the research infrastructure at Georgia State. The Digital Champions Fellowship program supports faculty in implementing innovative models of instruction by offering virtual learning opportunities and greater inclusion of technology in the classroom. This fellowship is being offered under the university’s Center for Instructional Innovation, a unit of the Office of the Chief Innovation Officer.

Summer Institute for International Students

The Summer Institute is a four-week program designed specifically for international students who will live in on-campus housing and attend classes with Georgia State students. All institute scholars take two three-credit courses. This program provides an insightful learning experience for international students and has many advantages including the opportunity to earn credits toward graduation, experience U.S. culture, thrive in an English-speaking environment, and learning how to plan for your future studies in the U.S.

Diversity is the Key to Possibilities

The Office of Diversity Education Planning (ODEP) is pleased to announce its certificate program in Workplace Inclusion & Global Competency. This certification is designed to engage staff and administration in courses and projects about the various dimensions of diversity identified in the University’s Diversity Strategic Plan (DSP) 2011-2016. Participants who complete the program within a two-year period will receive certificates of completion.

GSU Welcomes New 2CI Faculty and Enters Fourth Round of Awarded Proposals

Posted On August 22, 2013
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Eleven distinguished researchers will join the faculty of Georgia State this fall as part of the university’s Second Century Initiative (2CI) which supports emerging fields of study from bioinformatics to the future of cities.

The Second Century Initiative is expected to bring in more than 100 new professors by 2015, enhancing Georgia State’s strategic efforts to increase the university’s level of competitive, federally funded studies and its overall recognition for excellence in research.