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A New Launch: Cooperative Education at Georgia State University

We are excited to announce the approval of GSU’s Cooperative Education Program (Co-Op) which will kick off this fall with students from the Computer Science and Computer Information Systems degree programs.

Cooperative education is a full-time, paid, rotational, field based experience that is a critical component of a student’s academic program for which they receive credit. Students will have the opportunity to apply skills learned in the classroom to related work experiences, giving them a competitive edge once they enter the workforce on a full time basis.

From Study to Practice: Student Trial Lawyers Prepare for the Big League

Georgia State University prides itself in cultivating exceptional leaders who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to take on major roles within top tier organizations and companies world-wide. The College of Law’s Trial Advocacy Program is offered each spring and prepares students for the transition into prosecution and state leadership positions, supporting Goal 2 of the strategic plan.

You’re Hired!: Providing Intern Experiences That Work

Sure, you’ll get a great workout, enjoy a game of racquetball, and possibly make time for a good swim. But that’s not all Georgia State University’s Recreational Services has to offer. An internship site for the Nutrition department and employer to six graduate students from Exercise and Nutrition, Recreational Services continues to make active strides toward achieving the key goals of the university’s strategic plan.

Let’s Get Digital! Faculty Members Step Outside the Box

One of the overarching goals of the strategic plan is to increase student learning and engagement, and under the direction of the Center for Instructional Innovation (CII), a group of faculty members known as the ” Digital Champions” came together to get specialized training and discover and promote the use of innovative research and teaching technologies.

GSU Takes Charge in Cities: Internal Grants Awarded in Four Key Research Areas

In the spring of 2012, the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development announced a new internal grant program designed to provide seed funds for collaborations that will support Goal 4 of the strategic plan to promote a better understanding of the complex challenges of cities and developing effective solutions.

Making Moves In The City

The Council for the Progress of Cities was established to further engage the university in local and global issues that influence our community and to develop the active agenda of the Cities Initiative. This council recently designed working groups to help actualize Georgia State University’s goal to become an expert in city related issues and resolutions.

The Future of Academic Libraries

A conversation between GSU President Mark Becker and Paul Corant, University Librarian and Dean of Libraries, Harold T. Shapiro Collegiate Professor of Public Policy, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Professor of Economics and Professor of Information at the University of Michigan, was be held at 2 p.m., Feb. 22 at the Speaker’s Auditorium in the Student Center. The topic of the conversation was the future of academic libraries.

Georgia State offers new bachelor’s degree in neuroscience

Posted On July 21, 2011
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Contact: Jeremy Craig, 404-413-1357 University Relations

Note: Students interested in this new major should contact Don Edwards at

ATLANTA – A question and answer session will be held Wednesday, Aug. 3 for students interested in a new neuroscience bachelor’s degree recently approved by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.

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