Multiracial Hands Making a Circle

Round 1 Comparative Urban Research Grants

The Partnership Initiative Grants support faculty interested in developing or further developing a comparative research partnership with faculty from our sister institutions in Hong Kong and South Africa. The primary goal of this initiative is to build internationally recognized scholarly strength by comparing understandings of urban context, policies and challenges in three different national environments. Six proposals received funding to help initiate these efforts which we expect to enhance Georgia State University’s overall interdisciplinary and global research richness, and competitiveness.

Funded Proposals for Round 1:

Urban Resilience through the Lens of Population Vulnerability, Crises, and Conflicts: A Global Perspective 

Georgia State Researcher(s): Ann-Margaret Esnard, Cathy Yang Liu

Translational Urban Futures: A Comparative Analysis of Faith-based Organizations and Migrant Well-being in Atlanta, Hong Kong, and Tshwane (Pretoria)

Georgia State Researcher(s): Katherine Hankins 

Proposal to Establish a Tripartite Collaboration: GSU, Hong Kong Baptist University, and University of Cape Town, South Africa

Georgia State Researcher(s): Richard Rothenberg, Dajun Dai, Christine Stauber, Scott Weaver, Ruiyan Luo, Matthew Magee 

Promoting Development of Resilient Cities: A Comparative Legal Analysis of Housing, Historic Resource, and Infrastructure Policies in Rapidly Growing Cities in China, South Africa and the United States 

Georgia State Researcher(s): Julian Juergensmeyer, John Travis Marshall, Ryan Rowberry, Ann-Margaret Esnard, Cathy Yang Liu

Understanding Migrant Well-being in Multiple Cities: The Development of the Migrant Health Index

Georgia State Researcher(s): Wing Yi Chan

The Evolution of Municipal Government Finance During and After the Great Recession

Georgia State Researcher(s): Sally Wallace

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