Diversity is the Key to Possibilities

Diversity among staff and administrators at Georgia State University is essential to the operational success of the university, as well as to the achievement of the university’s academic mission. Cultivating a workforce of individuals with different backgrounds, perspectives, life experiences and ideologies enhances the university’s ability to meet the needs of and provide services to an increasingly diverse student body.

The Office of Diversity Education Planning (ODEP) is pleased to announce its certificate program in Workplace Inclusion & Global Competency. This certification is designed to engage staff and administration in courses and projects about the various dimensions of diversity identified in the University’s Diversity Strategic Plan (DSP) 2011-2016. Participants who complete the program within a two-year period will receive certificates of completion.

For additional information regarding this exciting learning opportunity, please contact an associate in ODEP today by calling (404) 413-2567 or email Ms. Lyndell Robinson, Diversity Specialist, at lorobinson@gsu.edu

Website: Opportunity Development & Diversity Education

Diversity Strategic Plan