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You’re Hired!: Providing Intern Experiences That Work

Sure, you’ll get a great workout, enjoy a game of racquetball, and possibly make time for a good swim.  But that’s not all Georgia State University’s Recreational Services has to offer.  An internship site for the Nutrition department and employer to six graduate students from Exercise and Nutrition, Recreational Services continues to make active progress toward achieving the key goals of the university’s strategic plan.

Jennifer Lehigh captures her experiences:

“Moving to Atlanta, GA from Billings, MT in the summer of 2011 was quite the adventure! And then to start graduate school at Georgia State in the fall of 2011 was the experience of a lifetime! I grew up in a small town compared to Atlanta, so arriving to this urban campus was beyond exciting. My career goals during my first semester remained vague – something exercise and health related – but I wasn’t sure what. Beginning my graduate assistant experience in the Fitness Center at Georgia State Student Recreation Center was an eye opener. It helped me solidify how much I enjoyed helping people, especially working with students in a collegiate setting. My supervisor noticed my ambition for helping people and decided to invite me to a campus recreation workshop, GRSA, that fall. The workshop sealed the deal; campus recreation was my dream field! I could work with students, educate on health and wellness, and also love my job! I immediately started immersing myself in the field with the help of my supervisors and got actively involved in campus recreation.

The following fall of 2012 I sought out and was accepted to do my internship at the Student Recreation Center in Program Administration. This experience helped me gain more functional knowledge of running campus recreation programs.

I graduated in fall of 2012 with my MS in Exercise Science focusing on Health and Wellness Promotion. I was allowed to stay over a few months as I finished up projects and embarked on my job search. The compounding experiences at Georgia State University Student Recreation Center paid off – I accepted a job at Emory as the new Fitness and Wellness Program Coordinator.

I would not be where I am today without the mentorship and support from the Student Recreation Center and I will always value my experiences gained and have pride in Georgia State University.”

GSU’s Recreation Center offers services that include health and diet screenings, cholesterol testing and follow up with consultations.  To learn more about their programs and student learning opportunities, visit