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A Cut Above The Rest: When Education Meets Experience

Posted On April 12, 2013

As Georgia State University students work diligently to obtain their degrees, many are also seeking opportunities to gain related field experience giving them a competitive advantage in our nation’s workforce.  Making strides toward becoming a national model in helping students achieve academic and career success at exceptional rates, it should come as no surprise that GSU provides several of those employment opportunities right here on campus.

Recreational Services has supported the strategic efforts of the university by accepting Honor’s Scholarship recipients for student assistantships. Michael Canterbury is a graduating senior in the Exercise Science program and has had the opportunity to gain experience in his chosen field:

“Having an Honors Assistantship in a setting closely tied to my academic studies has put me in a position far beyond that of my peers when it comes to practical application of our learned skills.  It has given me exposure to the subject matter  before I ever learned some of the information in a formal academic setting.  By working in the Fitness Center, I have seen first hand how some of the information we study in the classroom is actually used in real world settings.  I was exposed to concepts from many of the upper level courses required for our program including Exercise Physiology, Fitness Program Management, Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription, even Clinical Exercise Physiology and more.  Because of this experience, when other classmates were struggling to get a picture of what some of the concepts discussed in class would look like, I was able to think back to a time when I saw it actually happen right in front of me.  I was able to participate in labs and class discussions from day one in most of our classes without having to try to figure things out for the first time.  Because of this, I was more confident in being a volunteer for lab opportunities, giving me even more experience than my peers and thereby enhancing my understanding of the subject matter even more.  This often led to opportunities to help my classmates understand the material more fully outside of the classroom when the professor may not have been available to answer questions.” -M. Alan Canterbury

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