Let’s Get Digital! Faculty Members Step Outside the Box

One of the overarching goals of the strategic plan is to increase student learning and engagement, and under the direction of the Center for Instructional Innovation (CII), a group of faculty members known as the ” Digital Champions” came together to get specialized training and discover and promote the use of innovative research and teaching technologies.

CII has been promoting this change in teaching practices by providing workshops and online group discussions.  The Center offered their first workshop in August of 2012 and will be offering the second series spread out over alternating Fridays this February and March, culminating in a 2-day event in August.  To date; 80 faculty have applied to participate and the program has been able to accommodate 30.

The workshops cover such topics as how to use social media effectively (Twitter, Facebook), timeline tools like tikitoki, and e-books and apps.  CII plans to continue offering the workshop annually.

Note: The Hybridization workshop series is for selected faculty members who have been awarded funds for their participation to learn more about hybrid learning alternatives. For additional information, please visit or contact Dr. George Pullman, Center Director at